Pearls with Purpose was founded by Carmen Prince Jackson in 2006. It is used to inspire and uplift ladies of all ages and backgrounds to step out on their faith and God given abilities and be the Queen they were created to be. We are all brilliant and beautiful in God's eyes and we want you to show and share your beauty and light everywhere you go.


Our Inspiration

When an oyster gets sand caught in its shell, it is a nuisance. The oyster cannot reach in and remove it, so it uses what it has on the inside to wrap the sand to create a beautiful pearl. The oyster takes something that is annoying and irritating and turns it into a thing of beauty that people all over the world pay top dollar for.

We can learn a lot from a creature who from the outside doesn't look like much but on the inside,

 there is valuable treasure waiting to be found. 

We too are like the oyster. 

We have great value lying dormant within us. We must learn how to take adversity, challenges and pain and wrap them in our God given abilities and create something of worth. This is our mission! We are here to help you dig deep into yourself and release the hidden treasures you possess.

Each piece of jewelry we create is designed with at least one pearl in it to serve as a reminder of this story of the oyster and the greatness in you! As you wear it, remember that you already have all you need to do whatever you put your mind to. You are great on purpose. So be great with purpose!

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